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Born in Fiji into a very musical family, Lepani moved to Rotorua at a young age and then to Auckland for his teen years. It wasn’t until he was 14 when his music teacher discovered that he could sing, at talent Lepani had been hiding before then. 

Championed by his music teacher, he started to write songs and perform. Once the passion for music took off there was always battled between choosing music and rugby, but in the end music took the lead. A self-confessed nerd, Lepani’s other passion in life is comic books, movies and superheroes. He studied digital filmmaking and worked his two dream jobs – at a comic book store and a cinema. He is now pursuing music full time alongside coaching high school sport pass a side passion project.

In 2020, he released his debut EP ‘In The Moment‘. The 6-track collection features ‘Breathe’ which has amassed close to 1 million streams, going from expansive pop ballads to anthemic heights on ‘Wait To Wake Me Up’ (co-written with fellow kiwis CHAII, Rory Noble and Swedish singer-songwriter Julia Karlsson) to heart-fuelled bangers like ‘Next To Me’.