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Reuben Fleetwood


Serving up heart-on-your-sleeve realness with his debut single ‘U’, Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand is proud to introduce you to Reuben Fleetwood.

Co-written with New Zealand artist and producer Rory Noble, ‘U’ is dedicated to that person you can’t forget.

Oozing vocal intricacies that echo the golden age of modern-day R&B, Reuben draws from the heart strings to access an emotional depth of someone who has lived. Born and raised on New Zealand’s coastal Coromandel, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter grew up in Whangamata, immersed in the surf and skate culture unique to the seaside town.

‘U’ is Reuben’s debut single and first to be released with Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand, and a strong signal for more to come.