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NZ Music Month Bites – Get To Know Paige

For someone so young, Paige carries an old soul and isn’t afraid of getting honest with her earnest songwriter’s sensibility and velvetine voice. Just like a bee, Paige flutters between catacombed thoughts of the heart and invites us into her cozy space. Her 2020 EP ‘Bloom’ shows the fun side of Paige – a warm tune with major singalong moments and a message that is relatable to all humankind: hang onto your youth while it lasts and be accepting while you grow into a bigger, better version of yourself.

Q&A with Paige

Three New Zealand artists I grew up with who shaped my artistry:  Midnight Youth, Dane Rumble and Lorde. I really like how Lorde and Midnight Youth song-write and I really like how unapologetic Dane Rumble was in the pop world in New Zealand. I really like all of them.

My first memory with music: My dad used to keep an acoustic guitar in the corner. It was his dad’s guitar, and nobody ever played it and I always wanted to touch it, I always wanted to play it. One day I built up the courage to ask and then he said “yes”, and I spent all night trying to play it. The next day I faked a sicky to try and get out of school so that I could spend the rest of the day learning how to play the guitar, so yeah that was pretty cool.

Jet planes, creepy jelly babies or pineapple lumps: I would have to go with pineapple lumps, I’m a chocolate fan. I love those.

A special skill I possess that no one would guess: I played golf for about six-ish years and I was pretty good at it, can’t lie. I don’t think anyone would guess that really.

My ultimate favourite Kiwi classic song of all time: Has to be ‘Slice of Heaven’ by Dave Dobbyn. That song, I love that song, and I can’t think of a greater Kiwi anthem