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Updated June 4, 2024

In addition to any other terms and conditions in force from time to time, the following provisions
apply in connection with your access to and use of the websites and mobile applications of Sony
Music Entertainment and its affiliate companies (“SME”):

  1. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law in all relevant jurisdictions, the following
    acts are strictly prohibited (except in each case as specifically and explicitly authorized by
    SME) in connection with any and all existing and future content, including but not limited to
    text, images, artwork, video, data, music and audio (the “Content”), hosted on and/or
    accessible via this website or other websites, online and offline services, landing pages,
    apps, online stores or platforms of SME, or otherwise owned or controlled by SME and
    notified to you, identified through publicly available means or listed from time to time in
    databases such as those maintained by the International Federation of the Phonographic
    Industry (IFPI):
  • accessing, copying, reproducing, extracting and/or collecting any Content (or portion
    thereof), whether manually or by scraping, crawling or using any “robot”, “bot”, “spider”,
    “scraper” or any other automated process, to (or to enable any third party to) create,
    develop, modify, train or commercialize any system, tool or other software utilizing
    artificial intelligence technologies, including but not limited to machine learning,
    computer vision, natural language processing, generative adversarial network techniques
    and/or diffusion modelling (collectively, “AI Uses”); and
  • removing, disabling, circumventing, damaging or otherwise interfering with any features
    of this website or otherwise which are intended to limit, restrict or prevent any particular
    form of access to, use, copying, reproduction, extraction and/or collection of any Content
    (or portion thereof) in connection with any AI Uses.
  1. For the avoidance of doubt, all Content is expressly opted out from any and all rights of
    parties to conduct text and data mining under any and all applicable international and local
    laws, including but not limited to the European Union’s DSM Directive (2019/790/EU),
    together with local implementations and related legislation, to the fullest extent permitted
    (or not otherwise restricted) under such laws. SME reserves all its rights in and to the Content
    in connection with all related matters. This reservation supplements and is without prejudice
    to our rights under Article 7(2) of European Union’s DSM Directive (2019/790/EU) and its
    implementing or related legislation in all EEA member states.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, nothing in these AI Usage Terms is intended to prohibit or restrict
    any automated processing (including indexing and crawling) of our Content by search
    engines for the sole purpose of search results display and search ranking.
  3. In the event of any conflict between these AI Usage Terms and any other terms and
    conditions governing your access to and use of SME’s websites and mobile applications,
    these AI Usage Terms shall prevail.