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Lilly Carron evokes feelings of honesty, optimism and passion, creating the perfect coming-of-age soundtrack through her own enigmatic brand of powerful indie-pop. She exudes a larger-than-life outlook, exploring the inside of her own mind with the time and candor that only the 20s can provide to dive into the rabbit hole and contemplate existence, the universe and interpersonal relationships.

On her debut EP release in 2020, Messy Mind, Carron says she finds herself looking back and thinking “you’re such a little baby!” Now she describes her upcoming EP as confident; her present-day ear finely tuned to listen for what she knows she likes and what she knows she doesn’t.

Lilly’s debut EP Messy Mind explores and embraces imagination and perspectives on life, threading poignant and personal tales through her lo-fi brand of coastal pop. The album was a success, achieving 5.5M+ streams. 

Lilly’s Sophomore EP And The Clouds Came Undone will begin its rollout in the second half of 2023.