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Lilly Carron’s new single ‘Apricot Sun’ out now. Lilly Carron is back with evidently emboldened new music with the release of ‘Apricot Sun’, produced by New Zealand groove-pop duo, Balu Brigada. Whimsical and lyrical, ‘Apricot Sun’ is a romantic sonnet to the ease of the summer season and the wistful desire to slip into its warm embrace.

“’Apricot Sun’ is the desire to run towards something bright and inviting. To leave behind any bitter feelings, a bad week or a bad day, and exist in the now. It’s also about the desire to live in that carefree, sunbaked, calm at all times, but not really knowing how to get there. Waiting for the universe to part through the clouds and show the way.

The single will be the first in a string of releases, hailing the new era of Lilly Carron and l leading into her upcoming EP, And The Clouds Came Undone; the soundtrack that will be the countdown to summer.

Fresh out of high school, Lilly Carron released her first single ‘Evaporate The Rain’ in 2019, followed by her debut EP messy mind in 2020. Exploring her own coming-of-age and that of those around her, she was described as an artist whose ‘material clips close to the bone for those of us growing up in the millenia.’ And that proved to connect, amassing over 6 million streams and rave reviews.

Fast forward to 2023, she finds herself looking back and thinking “you were such a little baby!”, an artist who didn’t like to be alone but knew it was necessary in order to grow. Her new music was born in those years of self-reflection and the whirlwind of emotion that ensued; moments of celebration, frustration, escapism, healing, losing hope and finding it all over again.

Content and present, Carron’s new music delves into this self-awareness with a new-found sunny confidence that is evident in her music. Lilly Carron has solidified her position as one of New Zealand’s ones to watch, her new era dawning and her new music officially the soundtrack to the countdown to summer.

‘Apricot Sun’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.