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NZ Music Month Bites – Get To Know CJ From Mako Road

Kiwi Indie-Rock outfit Mako Road crashed onto the New Zealand scene in 2017 with their debut garage recordings and have since risen into the independent music charts and sold out multiple Australasian tours. Their summer grooves translate into an electric live set – a must see on the kiwi festival circuit.

Q&A with CJ from Mako Road

A special skill I possess that no one would guess:  G’day I’m CJ from Mako Road and I can whistle out my eye.

Three New Zealand acts you need to hear right now: I’d probably say Muroki, Daily J and Dolphin Friendly. Awesome, bloody good tunes from all that lot.

Ultimate touring van snack: Probably one of my favourite things about touring is getting to eat a s*** tonne of Subway. Subway is my go to. Usually chicken teriyaki or the falafel, depending on how vegetarian I’m feeling on the day.

Ultimate favourite Kiwi classic song of all time: I’d have to say ‘Why Does Love Do This To Me’ by The Exponents. Good old Jordan Luck, great Geraldine lad.