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NZ Music Month Bites – Get To Know Lilly Carron

Lilly Carron is a rising singer-songwriter from Muriwai, who threads poignant, personal tales through her lo-fi brand of coastal dream pop. Her debut EP ‘Messy Mind’ embraces imagination and perspectives on life as a strong and insightful twenty-year-old, and features faves ‘ugly cry’, ‘superhuman’ and ‘talk to me’.

Q&A with Lilly Carron

Three New Zealand artists I grew up with who shaped my artistry: I grew up listening to Fat Freddy’s Drop, Lorde and Kimbra. There’s a few more, but that’s a good summary

This venue is special to me: I would say the Avondale Theatre just because it’s gorgeous and I saw Leisure play there once and that was the best night.

If I were an instrument I would be: A tambourine. I’ve thought about it and I don’t know why a tambourine, but it just feels right. It just feels right.

Jet planes, creepy jelly babies or pineapple lumps: Creepy jelly babies. Why not?

If I could create an alternative musical career I would be: Maybe a violinist. I tried it once when I was a kid, so bad at it, but there’s time!

A special skill I possess that no one would guess: I can whistle through my teeth.

Lilly Carron – ‘ugly cry’ Official Music Video